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Transportation of hazardous loads

Transportation of hazardous loads demands observance of certain rules and use of distinct means of transport. Therefore this type of transportation can be carried out only by a company that has a solid experience of working in this field, competent experts in its personnel and has a special package of approval documents and licenses at its disposal.

All the hazardous loads have a clearly stated classification which is necessary for arranging the transportation in keeping with the essential normative rules and requirements.

Specialists of the RUSTA Company would not only help you determine the freight hazard class but also develop a secure plan of its delivery with the best possible value.

Classification of loads that fall under the category of “hazardous” ones:

    Class 1. Highly flammable substances which can cause conflagration or explosion of the whole freight (e.g., pyrotechnics).

    Class 2. Condensed gas under pressure or chilled (methane, nitrogen, chlorine, propane).

    Class 3. Liquids and mixtures producing highly flammable fumes.

    Class 4. Substances and materials exposed to inflammation from a spark, friction or fire and which can self-ignite in usual circumstances.

    Class 5. Oxidation agents and organic peroxides. Hazardous load able to produce oxygen which sustains combustion.

    Class 6. Poisons and contagious substances which can cause intoxication upon contact with them.

    Class 7. Radioactive substances which specific activity is no more than 70 kJ/kg.

    Class 8. Caustic and corrosive substances, substances that cause tissue injury when they get onto the eye mucosa and respiratory tract mucosa, and also cause corrosion when interacting with metals.

    Class 9. Other. This class refers to hazardous substances that are not to be included into any of the above stated hazard classes, as well as hazardous loads that can become flammable or corrosive in certain circumstances.

Our Company carries out the delivery of hazardous loads of all the categories, except hazard classes 1, 2 and 6.

Our specialists’ services also include preparation of safety certificates for a load and transport emergency cards. And if export of hazardous loads is necessary, the Company’s employees perform work on preparing the load itself for export in keeping with the international standards and requirements.

In order to transport hazardous loads in due time and entirely in keeping with the requirements, the RUSTA Company furnishes different means of transport equipped with specific utilities. This helps nullify the risk of overheating, improper storage during the transportation and refrigeration of loads. All the loads are delivered to location in good condition and comprehensively, with a necessary package of documents.