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Temperature-controlled transportation

There are certain types of freights that demand compliance with corresponding temperature conditions. Such freights include the following product types:

•    confectionery and chocolate;

•    fruit and vegetables;

•    chilled or frozen seafood, manufactured meat, fish;

•    deep freeze products;

•    freights belonging to the category of dangerous elements;

•    chemical production.

The special aspect of this transportation type is that it requires the use of special-purpose equipment and specially furnished means of transportation. Company “RustaLogistic” LLC provides its clients with specific refrigerators with installed reefer equipment, refrigerated vans, and also two-compartment refrigerators which allow regulating both above-zero temperature and below-zero temperature.

The particular significance goes to the temperature-controlled transportation with the use of refrigerated vans. Such means of transport are irreplaceable in cases of foodstuff transportation. In this instance the stated delivery method is the best possible one because it gives the possibility to preserve the foodstuff belonging to the category of perishables in good condition.

Temperature-controlled transportation requires observance of the following terms:

1.  Equipping the vehicle with modern perfect-quality air ventilation systems which provide a well-timed air inflow and outflow.

2.  Abidance by all the sanitary conditions during the transportation. This factor is achieved by using special covering inside the refrigerated vans made of environmentally-green material that allows preserving the foodstuff in full compliance with the set sanitary norms.

3.  Ease of driving the specific vehicles which involves the precise definition of the van opening frequency and the admissible variations in temperature.

Employees of “RustaLogistic” LLC select the means of transportation thoroughly depending on the conditions necessary for preserving a particular freight type. All the terms of compliance with the temperature conditions are agreed upon with the customers, with due account for the demands stated in the corresponding freight documents. In this regard Company “RustaLogistic” LLC guarantees the temperature-controlled transportation for deep freeze products, medium temperature freights, as well as freights requiring intense ventilation and above-zero temperature.

Compliance with all the strictly set norms and rules, individual attention to every customer, and a through preparation of each stage of work on temperature-controlled freights transportation act as a guaranty of reliable, safe freights transportation in the whole territory of the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth countries.