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Any type of freight transportation is connected to various warehousing operations which basis is formed of freight loading and unloading, completing, classification and packing.

In addition to the fact that RUSTA Group of Companies has a vast network of branch offices and subsidiaries at the territory of the Russian Federation and Belarus, our clients are provided with an opportunity of using warehousing services in Italy, Poland, France and Germany. And sure enough in Moscow, Moscow Oblast and Belarus. Any of these points are ready to render warehousing services of high quality with the use of modern equipment and the best packing materials.

Warehousing services of the RUSTA Company include:

1. Provision of loading/unloading operations with the use of modern equipment and special-purpose machinery.

Regardless of the freight type and kind, all the loading and unloading operations are performed in observance of the set rules and requirements, thus eliminating the risk of damage to the freight. In addition to that, loading and unloading can be performed for any means of transport.

2. Freight classification.

The variety of production and goods is the reason for creating a classification that allows determining the freight type, the type of means of transport which is necessary for transportation, the possibility to label the freight as hazardous or nonhazardous, as well as belonging to the category of freights requiring special temperature conditions. The freight classification also gives the possibility to determine the storage requirements and delivery terms for a particular kind of freight.  

3. Freight completing.

The warehousing services in freight completing provide for preparation of consolidated loads that belong to one classifier group. Besides, completing allows composing the freight in keeping with the most convenient chosen route of delivery of freights to different places. Freight completing is also carried out for multimodal transportations.

4. Freight packing.

Freight packing requires the use of different packing materials that allow ensuring safety, security and integrity of freights during loading and unloading operations, as well as during the transportation. A distinct type of packing materials is applied for each type of freight for a greater safety.

5. Transshipment of freight.

The warehousing services in transshipment of freight provide for unloading of the means of transport succeeded by placement of the freight in warehouses, and also movement of freights from a warehouse for loading of the means of transport.

4. Freight storage.

This service is highly necessary in the case of completing consolidated loads. In order to send such loads, one requires time to reach the necessary weight and quantity of freights for one means of transport. Therefore, a necessity of temporal freight storage appears. Freight storage is also provided in case the freight is meant for a further transportation to another place of destination. 

Warehousing services provided by the RUSTA Company give the possibility of saving money on arrangement of all the necessary operations connected to freights transportation as all the operations are carried out as a whole and distinguish by a high level of quality.